Embark on a voyage of discovery across the seven seas in a fun adventure at the National Maritime Museum. You’re the Commander of a ship, with open seas and unknown lands ahead of you.  Travel far and explore wide – the world is vast. You’ll gain a crew, find wonderful objects and meet exotic creatures, as you traverse the globe and rise to the rank of Great Explorer. Become an explorer and sail free!   Features

  • A unique experience, like nothing else in the National Maritime Museum.  This is your chance to sail the seven seas and discover exotic lands, without ever leaving the museum.
  • Find out what it must have been like to be an explorer.  Brave the unknown by sailing across the world and reaching lands that few people had ever seen before.
  • Sail to different location to find 10 people for your crew, including First Mate, Cook and Artist.  They will help make life on board comfortable and to record your adventures.
  • Travel to 20 exotic locations across the Great Map, sailing thousands of nautical miles during years on the waves.
  • Find all 24 objects in different lands to aid your exploration or wow the crowds when you sail back to England.
  • Capture your adventures on camera and email them through to your friends to show them what you’ve discovered.

Location Play The Great Explorer at the National Maritime Museum Address: Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF