We are Gamar

What is Gamar?

Create interactive visitor tours in just a few clicks. The Gamar online content management system enables anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to create and manage family trails, educational games and interactive audio tours.


How do I signup and create visitor tours?

Please use the signup button below to signup and receive login information and user guide. Use the login button to create and amaze your visitors with fun tours.

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How can you download the Gamar app to experience existing tours?

To download the app on your mobile or tablet, please click on the relevant link:

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How are these tours unique?

Our tours use AR (Augmented Reality), machine learning technology and gamification, enabling players to interact with objects and spaces like never before. For example, point your device at a museum artefact and watch it come alive, tell you a story, and encourage you to engage, think and learn.


Where can you play these tours?

To access Gamar tours, simply download the Gamar app on your mobile or tablet. Gamar is available for both Apple and Android. Then when you travel to one of the location partners, for example – The British Museum – you can play ‘A Gift for Athena’.

Details about some of our tours and games can be found here:

Who can play our tours?

Our tours are great fun for all the family members and informative for adults and academics.


How can you get more info about us?

Contact us directly via our contact page

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